certain cases of nephritis may show a considerable degree of acidosis,
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as well to the general public, any member of which may
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being readily soluble in oleic acid, and forming with it a chemical
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face of a society belle, will, if removed, be responsible for
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much more importance to the general treatment than to the local
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sulting from constitutional disorder ; those from mechanical or
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dition was not aggravated by too much medication, but the
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of the chest is an important factor in the tendency to tubercu-
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diminished and life prolonged by opening the abdomen and ligaturing
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ful observation of the patient showed that for two weeks suc-
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35. Gartner, G. : Reducing Weight Comfortably, Philadelphia, 1914.
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several physicians that had attended him, were rather nega-
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appointment. This instrument, valuable though it be in many
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the deceased felt faint and sick ; vomiting and purging came on, and con-j
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The matter, unfortunately, is likely to give rise to further
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Marine-Hospital Service for the two weeks ending May S5^
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public school require 3,400 calories, while children over
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bacilli was peculiar. These lesions were of acute exudative and
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This patient was confined to bed owing to anaemia for six weeks,
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only a little thin water biscuit besides." — Dixie Doctor.
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doubt recovery from tubercular phthisis, carefully diagnosed; but it
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robaxin urine test
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twice or thrice every twenty-four hours, for the first few days ; but,
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able to inject into the pleural cavity of almost all of
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that the superintendent of the asylum, in his option,
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central from the Fallopian canal only such changes as belong to
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on to the mons veneris. M. Tillaux transfixed the tumour in its lower part with
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and an elevation of the epidermis in a circumscribed area or
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Essex. — Drs. Benjamin Cox, Jr., of Salem; Ilcnry C. Perkins, New-
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and for sake of brevity of illustration I have taken a
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remark that, were he to forget to carry the chestnut