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existed a week, and was now likely to prevent him following

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lent and fatal in the hospitals, before the importance of antiseptic

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regular increase during the period from 1880 to 1890; but no doubt

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initial stage of metastatic abscesses, and will be found in any degenerated

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tion, but of " preternatural combustibility." Upon this a less excep-

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have observed such patches, however, in numbers of normal natives,

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vesical lesions as well as endoscopic prostatic resection: attendance at departmental

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ducted on old-school principles, and the importance of diet is

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scenting out the perishing life, to drag it into safety, by the timely food

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part, the limbs that are supplied with nerves which branch off below the injury are paralyzed ;

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more given to the world an equally marked demonstration of the

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Vt., Dr. Alanson C. Bailey, Randolph, Vt., was elected presi-

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usually spoken of as focal necrosis may occur. These necroses both

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ing by Professor Marey,' at the College de France, who

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quick, hard pulse, gradually becoming imperceptible; injected

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syphilis, and declared the flesh to be fit for human food. In

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the vagina, both I and my father, whose opinion I had solicited

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quasi-vaccine pustule on his hand, derived (as sup-

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Chest symptoms are more numerous, 39 symptoms being re-

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rhythm of his motor, or of the whizzing of the air on the piano wires of the

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and butyric acids, and frequently sarcina. If there be decided acidity

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Etiology. Pulmonary gangrene is not a disease of frequent occur-

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is a remarkable and interesting fact that a woman who has borne a

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the highest in the profession. Why? Because the profes-

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Disease. By J. Mitchell Bruce, M. A. (Aberd.), M. D. (Lond.), Examiner in Medi-

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Pneumonia and ^phoid fever together, caused 62 deaths out of 125, or very nearly

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baffled in attempting to introduce a cylindrical one. Nor are