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    to 25 F., and the efferient tube is three times longer

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    further gumea-pigs or monkeys can be infected. In 1918, Nicolle was

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    tissue itself of typical polar-staining diphtheroid organisms, but,

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    muscular fasciculi, and by its increase and pressure; upon them, causes

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    of young cells and nuclei. Where the vessel was not oc-

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    An Inteoduction to the Study of the Optical Defects

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    expose the entire glans, within twenty-four hours of the time

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    trophy, vasomotor troubles, and arrest of development] (Raymond),

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    The following are also considered to have antitoxic properties: pyo-

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    viscera which may at least be delayed if treatment is com-

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    and if we judge from the specimen, or pattern cards among us, we must

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    their fraudulent business will at once show the enormity of the fraud

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    the duration of the disease it diminishes the chance of secondary lesions, which increase

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    tocci, without much concomitant irritation ; perchloride

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    zation with the others at first in hospital and private practice,

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    It is to be expected that, in the same proportion as double ureters are

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    sidered extremely rare. In Lidell's elaborate article^'

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    xix, 505-512.— Berry (G. A.) Case of ophthalmoplegia

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    as carriers, and that they penetrate through the zone of encapsulation,

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    report of the late Ilunterian oration before the College of Surgeons,

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    stitutional irritation, and there may be finally inflammation and

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    bichloride of mercury, one-thirtieth of a grain or more three

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