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placed in this remedy. We would rather exhibit calomel,

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and subsequent contraction, until after a few weeks or

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every omission in reporting deaths, births, and marriages

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1851. March 15. — Two Acts supplementary to an Act entitled "Aft

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are given of the action of the gastric fluid upon coagulated albumen.

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We should remember, however, that the underlying cause was

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The following physicians upon the recommendation of the

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seemed to be the exciting cause. In Sollier's case the

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wood, Minnesota, states that he has no record of hav-

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fluid may be secreted. Injections of a decoction of geranium and

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Finally, I dilated the cervix ; and this was immediately

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This pain increased rapidly, and he soon went home.

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which occasionally appears during convalescence needs to be con-

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dren of school age in the county and that nearly 90 per cent, of the num-

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patient's health. In addition there was on the left side a tumor,

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had appeared on her cheeks and on her ears, especially in

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stripes ; nor are the colors limited to red and white. The

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hospital with the diagnosis of appendicitis and general peritonitis

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the patient, counting the pulse, and watching the tongue, respira-

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author, they do not, in any degree, affect the reputation of the

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I saw early I placed most reliance on the pulse, temperature,

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sion, and the public at large, believed the malady to be contagious, and

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rials employed in its service, to the very point of their exit

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nection has but recently been under the writer's care. A man, aged about fifty

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auscultation the signs are modified by the presence of fluid and its amount,

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