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On the Affinities of Aphriza Virgata. By R. W. Shufeldt, M. D.,
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The most interesting and remarkable of the inflammations in the
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The history of a blow or fall is commonly obtained ; in most cases there is
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diagnosis of volvulus of the cecum. Surgery, 24:793-804,
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Ixnie, and extending from one sterno-mastoid muscle to the other, and
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with air for 24 hours, resulted in the blood yielding about
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0. moubata is of importance as the spreader of Spirochceta diittoni,
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asylums of this country. The tone of many of the articles has been grossly
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A second and later form is the miliary tuhercle, in which the
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He continued to get worse during the night— the eyes became more
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the poison in milk. In the outbreak studied by Drs.