The opinion as to the efficacy of gold in disease has been indeed
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minution of red corpuscles with no decided reduction of the quantity of
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from the left kidney. The examination, which was conducted
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laminectomy promises a better outlook. A third group of
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may show characteristic signs, such as rose spots, or be recognized only
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Neuritis. — The peripheral nerves are seldom affected, and sensory
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lowed through many generations. This takes place by division and unless the
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dation for its correction, or due to subnormal accommodation, most
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and which does not exist in prolapsus. — Medical Era.
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Diagnosis. — Pyonephrosis of calculous origin. Nephrec-
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(H. B.) Kecent specimens of typhoid fever. Austral. M.
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diminished and life prolonged by opening the abdomen and ligaturing
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It is my opinion that every girl should aim at the high-
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He required of them a very severe novitiate of five or six
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Hgh cure rate:* 96% of 571 males, 95% of 294 females
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the suggester is responsible for the carrying out of post-hyp-
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audience would expect me to extend my remarks to cover
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loops are introduced from tube No. 1 into tube No. 2, and then, the
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well known to the frequenters of many of the London
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so may be followed only by damage to the parts immediately above
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In the past few years Hygeia has published more than
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