maintain a reduction of pressure in the pulmonary area by
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When gross inaccuracies in our medical literature point only
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good, as it counteracts the irritation to the digestive tract, if
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ture. The wounds healed with less tlian the usual degree
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fered from some surgical disease which acted as a predisposing
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diuresis, especially in patients with marked edema. In them salt
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one dependent upon the quantity (not quality) of the blood
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emollient enema is the well-known starch-and-laudanum mixture.
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to exert a specific action on the tissue of the scrotum ;
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heal'd about it. “You must be precise, accurate,”
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faithfully drawn from a photograph taken of this section-surface.
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period occurred before age 5 months. If pertussis immuniza-
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maintains that mechanical obstruction alone is not sufficient to
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toms of meningeal a[)oplexy. To the bloody tumors thus formed upon the
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rapid and labored breathing, elevation of temperature and convulsions.
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amination. Said she was too sore to even think of it.
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ve repeatedly seen patients recover under the vigorous employment of
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gestive of typhoid. The x-ray plate showed practically
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Here also he sets up a loom and weaves a fabric of rare
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made your own for ever, is the true and only principle of suc-
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Wien. mi d. Wchnschr., 18x4, xxxiv, 1077. . Die Ur-
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ness of the material. The influence of Roger Bacon and the
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state, seems to call for more than a passing notice. The city con-
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can now be easily recognized, and treated far more satisfactorily
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Where haemorrhage has been severe, transfusion should be
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patients develop convulsions and coma; but when they are suf-
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which has a powerful influence upon the determination
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then, dies, as all the other organs die, when they receive black,
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Over a two-year period 18 patients, age 21-83 (mean 1
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undergoing a proliferation at certain points, and in some of them an
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students to furnish me with this material. I am quite
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the tendency to direct implication of the nerves. They are apt, moreover,
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name closes the death list that I have read, I need
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exemplified by the medical profession must not be abated. The
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dependent on the numbness and pains in tne limbs associated with the
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of gymnasia, trainers and physical educators, furnish us