medical science, and it may be possible that centuries may elapse, before the slow action of
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    predict, for the Worcester Medical Institution, a name equal,
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    in 10 days, 500 units in 7 days, and 1,000 units in 6 days; thorium X
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    Dr. R. TJ. West^a) has proved the practicability of procuring
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    the invasion of the organism by living pathogenic bacteria, and the
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    If the tendon of this muscle is cut, the passive flexion of the foot is much less.
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    of eelectic review of the various opinions on the causation of the disease.
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    books but also to give him a broad knowledge of early attempts
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    or the removal of adhesions never cures cancer, but may cure patients
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    the remarkable appearances of the fundus of the eye, which
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    In this case, (738), the patient had, eight months before his death, suffered with a suddea
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    malarial fever, or intermittent haimoglobinnria ( ?) in an
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    a rash, but it is more of the measles or nettlerash type.
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    Tuberculosis of the Circulatory System. — Pericardium. — ^Tuberculosis
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    Such bitter substances as calumba, cusparia, gentian, cin-
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    The results of antisyphilitic treatment are naturally of great importance for the diag-
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    Section who discussed the case said there was but little chance of recovery.
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