or of the submucous tissue, could be discovered, has given rise to the
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this journal will also contain full details as to the exact place
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accurate history was kept of eacli case, with special refer-
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ing in the haemorrhoidal protrusions by night. During the day.
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funds but rather from Federal funds, and the salaries of the hearing officers also
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wife. Being brought to trial, the prisoner's relations
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the impulse of the heart against the parietes of the chest, and
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mentally depress a patient, if at the outset the beneficial results are
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Small joints of hands are moderately deformed by arthritis.
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siderable sinking of the supraclavicular regions with
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1863.] Flint, Conservative Medicine as Applied to Hygiene. 313
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pitals in more northern latitudes, with the most gratify-
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tine inspectors and customs officials, and are now scat-
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Medical Officer of Health, for his Notes on Bacteriology (pp. 484 —
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tu middle ear disease, or appeudicilis. The petechial prodromal rash has
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Effect of various amounts of mold enzym on digestion of starch.
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sloping away laterally on either side, like the roof of a house or a keel. This
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having been compressed by the extravasated blood before rupture into
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was brought to Mr. Terry, and he found there was a malformation of the
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cient, but in one case, a strong, stout, vascular man, with great mental excitement
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ours, in the olden time, for whom we have a regard originating from the
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how are we to warm it ? Professor Jorg's answer would be
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longer write. Paralysis of the right arm, which is often associated with
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Berl., 1827, xxiii, 319-321.— Evans (W. H.) A case of
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ring. As the attack passes off, the i)ain is less and
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mucous menihranes, the connective tissue, the parench^ina of the various
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nails picked up in walking, sharp instruments, flints,
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some species (H. mesnili) the encapsuled sporonts become
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being that the House resolution called for a progress
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she was discharged there was absolutely no leaking.
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setts General Hospital. Exophthalmic Obiter and Fright.
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No. 56. Fort McHenry. Baltimore, has been transferred and
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well lighted pantry, in which to keep food and dishes. Doors