the chance of manipulating the gut itself, the effusion

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brane. — -Dr. Jonathan Wright, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,

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violaceous colouring to the mucous membrane, c. Invasion of the rectum. In

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no use in the treatment of syphilis, and he thought the

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that there are grave and sometimes mortal infections in which the

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7. — Bismuth paste injection will not heal out sinuses

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that called particular attention to himself until about two years

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The exophthalmos he ascribed to a local alteration of the bloodvessels.

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and scientific way of treating disease, they had better leave it

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a curative agent. During the years 1901-1905, inclusive,

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energy, so that logic and abstract reasoning are only good up

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bacillus in cholera stools, have been abundantly con-

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relapse; (2) those occurring as sequelae; (3) those

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Pathology, and Surgical Treatment of the Pituitary,

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constant plan of making '* a free incision into the bladder;"

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white meat, such as chicken, may be allowed and continued for some

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ness extended below the ribs, and in this situation there was

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He thought the slipping of the ligature was due to the contraction of the muscu-

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the local primary. Rightly treated they get well promptly, but, as is

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Washington D.C. After residency, he worked briefly at the Veteran's

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Dr. Johnson Is right in describing muscular hypertrophy of the systemic arterioles

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without requiring any treatment ; and 1 doubt whether as

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which the functions of the spinal cord are temporarily dis-

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mortality, 2.5 per cent, (i sepsis, i heart failure). Myo-

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i month of November, referred to in the resolution of Mr. Fish, quoted

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Prof. L. G. Carpenter, in the report of the Colorado Agricultural

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as chlorine, phosgene, and chlorpicrin, causes immediate irritation

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tabes. There is complete atrophv of the fibres of the postero-external column, which brejik up

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