which he has suggested is, upon the whole, the right one, and
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    100,000 cases on the Russian side. And, according to the newspai)ers, similar
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    the responsibilities of his new situation. A dull, lifeless routine
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    Solid phosphorus, given in as small a dose as 1| grain, acts
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    In the lectures which -you have heard from me at the University
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    fuse and accompanied by more pain, till the exciting cause is
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    book is " Spectacles and Eye-glasses," The Paris correspond-
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    plan insisted upon by the majority of modern European writers on
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    '■'Hysteria imitating pericranitis. — Excruciating pain of scalp, with extreme
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    such a cause, no one will for a moment doubt •, but, though I
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    On motion of Dr. I. T. Talbot, it was voted "that this com-
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    Some six months before admission, he accidentally received
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    tion with the opposite lateral sinus, and the clot had extended across the middle
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    The volume consists of seventy chapters, and the numerous
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    for the immediate ease of rest and recreation, even at the cost of certain
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    the fracture or dislocation of a vertebra, there may be no
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    sympathetic nerve which biings about the result ; for
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    tattling dowagers of Chester was not true. The real
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    evidently very superficial examination of the case,
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    LAWSON ON INJURIES TO THE EYE, ORBIT I titioners. Second edition. In one octavo vol-
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    coUeges or societies represented in it. Everything is volun-
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    favor of the theory which he had mentioned was the fact
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    and x-ray facilities. In this center there were two
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    Vital statistics for the first half of the current year
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    Lancet, December 8, 1894, occurring on the saeptum in
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