years the physician was compelled to make his diagnosis by the infor-
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Attention should be closely given to the character of the stutter, and a
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mended. A physician, whose case is recorded by Dr. Flemyng, reduced him-
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seminated areas of caseation. The clinical symptoms
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that two-thirds of the work of the gynecologist finds its
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amination the right eye showed a large hemorrhage in its
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that is all a man can do for himself, for his employer, his neighbor, or his family.
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the cells (in fishes Simon often found crystals in the renal
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the Harveian Society, contained in last week's Journal, for " the
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that I had never made an autopsy on a case of cerebral haemorrhage
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add boiling water to make up to half a pint ; when cool, strain
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by (1) a strong dose of food and stimulant; (2) one-third grain doses of morphine
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or to segments which, in different cases, vary in number, size, and situa-
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foretold the instant transfer of the Faculty of Aix to Marseilles so as
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the limb, and measuring two and a half inches by two. It pulsated very forci-
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degrees. After the patient has been in this condition for half an hour, or
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. It is not often that an author advertises an unfavorable
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rapidly heal without suppuration and leaving very slight scars.
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your opportunities are much greater than ours; your opportunities of
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long to reach down to the middle of the thigh and wide enough to
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rhoea." defined by Galen to be " a flow of semen without erection." These and
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ment consisted of a few grains of Dover's powder. On my return
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one, is greatly to increase the flow of urine ; hence it
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that Bright's disease is simply a fatty degeneration of the kidney ; but the
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from 10 to 49. Occasionally, during a short attack, the rate was regular
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each of the present incumbents previous to this meeting, be adopted
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in the same lung, or perhaps in the opposite lung, as the result
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cells, the nuclei of which are hardly stained. Gradually the necrosis pro-