generally morose and desponding. All these symptoms of a
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even be necessary to clear out all thyroid tissue on both sides, trusting to
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large tender swelling, tin; fairly high temperature, and the high
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also found it in the colony variants obtained from stools. He does not
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and cutaneous. The conclusions arrived at are not flattering to copper as
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filled with a fluid of a pale yellow colour, and of about the con-
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' AiKT. .I(»ur. lOxpiT. M((i., IIMI, xiv, 4«.M. » Loc. cit., p.
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acid owing to the so-called chromaffin action of the chromic acid upon secreting
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on down into the stomach. Among the first instruments devised
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This periodic blood-destroying activity occurs both in males and females,
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or achylia with the administration of the pancreatic ferments in
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a fine stippling of the growth and a central dark spot. The colonies
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decrease in globulin. In the next three months he received 2.5 grams
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The results of the experiments will be reported in detail later.
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Nikotinvergiftung. Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1919, 66, 1463-7.
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Weil, P. E., et Plichet. Un cas de fievre tierce maligne autochtone termine
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costal margin and was exquisitely tender; the spleen not enlarged. The
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The third variety of lesion seen only in the animals that had
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without local manifestation, but usually with moderate systemic disturbance (see
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and the tack was forgotten. In January, 1911, he began to cough, espe-
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from the joint to which the pain is referred may be discolored. It is
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necessity of sacrifice, and the tendency to seek compensation for
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the laws of inheritance of carcinoma susceptibility cannot be deter-
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ranging from 7 months to 4 years and 3 months ; (3) drug-treated animals
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pigeon, within an inch of the skin — a needle was then pushed
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evoked the rhythmic alternating movements of the feet, reminiscent of the
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The finger and toe nails are much thickened and sharply curved. There
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haemolytic agent than eosin (Na salt of tetrabromfluorescein). An attempt
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of secondary displacement, fixation, kinking and constriction, and
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violent muscular exercise or the sudden expiratory ettorts nuide
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ectasis (Hokitansky to the contrary) may occur in subjects of