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    sudden alarm destroys the appetite, fear and anxiety stop digestion, and

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    King William Street, Charing Cross, London: or M. Hector Bossange, Lib. quai Vol-

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    breasts from this standpoint is becoming less frequent as time goes by.

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    6. Is it " business " after all? I believe in, and advocate,

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    series of 500 to 600 cases reported without a single death. Another

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    optysis is often of little moment. The so-called "hemorrhage cases,"

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    the diseases, as well as a checking of the spread of

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    more dangerous at night than in the daytime. To sleep at night in

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    was sought to recover damages for the loss of two valuable

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    of the ureter was so firmly adherent to the peritoneum, muscle

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    the events which are diagnostic of typhoid fever, and tlie absence of events

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    that extrarenal factors, such as a lessened availabihty of water to be

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