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Bone preserved in a frozen state for weeks is of “defi-

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one ventricular systole to another is noted. The period of ventricidar

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and (2) after produciiin artifurial iiystaKmiis. Tlie artificial nvstagimis is

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importance in view of the extent to which guinea pigs are used by

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lymphocytes, 8 per cent eosinophils, and 3 per cent

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duction. The first egg was laid by the hypophysis-fed chicks when they

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hi..difr up .111 th.' skin area than lli.'il to ■•ol.l.

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South, horse and mule raising, article by George M. Komniel 247-261

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'I'l'" iii'liK'''!,„l has aii,,tli,-r •jr,.at a,|\ aiita-jc- ,,\(-r tlie ilirect in

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Bureau to require a proper disposition of the condemned meat, it

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constantly championed the cause of free enterprise and med-

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low heat treatment of carcinoma of the uterus, 305.

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drunk or smoked to excess. He has worked regularly as a baker since he

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murine typhus fever infection in the rat population

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By its charter from the State, the city of Chicago controls the business of slaughtering

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in Monkey No. 1. She did not develop, however, any prolapse of the

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Mjarkcd wln'n tlif liver is Inoken down liy iiieehanieal means.

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7. Meigs, J. V., and Ingersoll, F. M. : Thrombophlebitis and

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ords (if (luy's Ilii>>pital by (Jardiner and rembrey, it was fmind Dial

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of the respiration chamber proper are double, the inner of copper and

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Receptors are also provided in the iutfM'ior of the oriianisni ("r the pur-

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people of Chicago saw the Government inspectors in Fackingtown, and they all took

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unwholesome, or otherwise unfit for human food may be shipped by the owner thereof

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This Imowledge is not easily acquired, for he must first learn to look

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Metamucil is the highly refined mucilloid of Plantago ovata (50%), a seed

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value of tlii> assiiiiilalinn test. Thus, when a sulutioii ■ ' ehi,.,,se is

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by stripping them back from their outer tip. By this procedure it is

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clinically and pathologically. Associated anomalies in other organs

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ated with some bloating and intermittent tarry stools.

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Rock Port (1950): A. J. Kotkis, St. Louis (1949); John L.

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The theory of the eoliMl^iiili of yluensc info lactic acid as a stciipillLT

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condition of the patient. Liquors withdrawn gradually; no

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showing generalized inflammation of the mucous membranes shall be condemned.