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Mr. Gerhard's address is 36 Union Square, New York.
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Medicin. Jahrbucher. Zeitschrift der K. K. Gesellschaft der Aerzte
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greater importance than ever before. Under the increased demands made upon physicians
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science, we believe the State board should make its standard
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been due to the oil in which it has almost invariably been given. It is
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Medical Society of London — 11, Chandos Street, Cavendish Square, W.
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beyond the size of a finger was impossible by blunt dilation
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acquaintance had the same experience, with their large houses
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have seen a case where the entire outer nose was gone,
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" Resolved, That it shall not be proper for specialists
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dence, being gangrene of the bowel, peritonitis and excessive
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the course of general infections, or due to contiguity from some neighboring
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novel conditions and rapid material development. E. H. C.
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ciency of the other kidney should be decided on beforehand,
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part of the tibia, and produces infjnse coustitutioiial
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oesophagus, which reaches nearly to the middle of the body The
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of alloys. The atomic weight of sodium is 23 and that of gold is
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of abscess of the temporo-sphenoidal lobe noticed distinct hemi-
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But is this peculiar grouping of symptoms sufficient to
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the materials of which each is composed. 2d. That inquiries
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continues to detail — eyewater. Is. ; anodyne purgative. Is. ; and
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to venous portal congestion, the results that may follow the formation of
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In many of the cases, however, and especially in those in which the signs
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riage : The hymen was first incised with scissors and the vulva was forcibly
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healthy part of the muscle may not afiFect the abnormal portion,
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certain parts are so much darker than others as to impart to the surface a
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quite a time. After that possibly it would all quiet down again, and
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climate of Sienna as useful in scrofulous afiections, but hurtful in phthisis.
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The Journal, will, we are sure, be read and studied
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semble tic douloureux, and the resemblance is still farther increased by