* From the Harriet Lane Home and the Department of Pediatrics of the
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quently a cathartic. The emetic, he observes, was said by the patients
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came under treatment on October sixteenth, lflflli. He
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of the so-called wisdom-tooth marks a third, while the disappearance of the
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exerted equally in all directions. Hence water confined within a skull would
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tion of cases requiring it is small, no doubt. One per cent, is
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Chinese, Malays, Arabs, and Hindus. [There is certainly some leprosy
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" Not Guilty." The plaintiff was a tailor's foreman, and the
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and the "forced dilatation of the glottis" by the introduction of a silver
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SON, of Baltimore. This was not a suppurating cystoma
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intact. If you take the uterus away, remove the ovaries and tubes also if
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the nodules were touched a second time, and you see the result. There
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THE peritoneum may suffer from acute or chronic in-
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Munn, of Colorado, said that tuberculosis of the lungs is
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were truly recorded, will not estop company from show-
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troops only two days in the week, the mortality in the two ranks from
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ically and angiographically associated with coronary
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Prisoner £as acquitted, as the statute then required proof that a wound had
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adversaries and the partisans of venesection took on the most vehem-
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but to overcome articular pressure which led to muscular
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local irritation of a mucous surface ; and to prevent the
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we shall h;ive tliese matters cleared up, though we are
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diastole of the ventricle.* But it diftcrs from the presystolic murmur in
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Thursday, November 29 — Appleton St. Elizabeth Hospital
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maloccurrence and, based on our presentations, relying on
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is at present the fashion will after a time again disappear. I need not
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green pigment producers, but when many of the strains corresponding
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of miracles, this marvellous cure did not prove to be permanent,— the
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according to a Ust kept by the porter upon < S H t lhda y> ™™enced in the follow-
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was not easily found. There had been, evidently, recurrent
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in influenza, and at that time reported no fewer than eight cases.*
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noted as a factor in the etiology of rectal carcinoma,
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themselves with a sufficiency of warm clothing to be rendered
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Nervous and other systems normal. Nutrients to be taken in small quantities at a