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    trict, vice Brigade Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel G. Thomson, M.B., trans-
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    The third annual general meeting of this Society was held on .\pril 2.5th.
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    proportion of rent for the time the premises were shut.
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    bronchial glands more readily, or rather that the bronchial
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    boys who— though complaining of more or less illness or
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    had had a series of rigors; her temperature was Ita.-'i. and the lochia
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    Brabazon, and Dr. Weatherly. — Dr. Ellis read a paper on
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    ■Jiid. His wisli tliat he might pass away quickly was, to a
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    tory conduct iu the workhouse, who was discharged mthout punishment
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    The twenty years' service required need not be consecutive, and honorary
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    1; Dental, daily. SI ; Throat, F.,1. Operation Dat/s.- (Ophthal-
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    which the enforcement in its present form of the Draft
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    of Commons on Death Certificates on Friday, the following
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    coroner ; (4) that no deaths should be registered unless the
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    Salford for transforming the worst back-to-back cottages into
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    medical officer, whose salary does not include the examination and cer-
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    wasted away, and a swelling had formed in the elbow
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    colleague. His funeral, in Sowerby churchyard, was attended
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    the Dresden International Sanitary Conference in the face
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    dition of the urine and the condition of the patient upon dif-
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    which were temporarily bad were those of the over-fulness of
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    subsequently wrote a special monograph '* dealing with
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    the extraction is made, and then there is another period of
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    is well that speedy punishment should overtake the oftenders ; audit is
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    of dust and sulphurous acid gas from the burning coke, fully explain the
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    hyperpyrexia, while the classical physical signs were delayed,
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    Under this name a young girl, aged 20, is now travelling
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    intermittent pyrexia which usually coexists with the presence
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    X.0ND0N. Hours of ^HeiKiaiicc— Medical, daily, exc. S., 2 : Surgical, dailf,
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    in relieving pain was often very striking, and the presence of
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    chapter of a forthcoming book by Professor Cesare Lombroso,
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    and a gall stone 3 inches in circumference, which was found
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