tapping the abdomen a serous fluid will be withdrawn in ascites ; in ovarian
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    worn and the body emaciated. This emaciation continues until the
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    the worm wanders into the vagina, there will be irritation of the vulva,
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    the needle. There are other means of applying acupressure needles,
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    Cardiac palpitation is of frequent occurrence in persons with what is
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    Differential Diagnosis. — Ulcerative stomatitis may be mistaken for " can-
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    obstruction are cerebral in character. The pulmonic second sound is feeble
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    39. Physical t^igns in acute pleurisy with a small amount of effusion 176
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    rire, tightness, and dull pain in the region of the liver. Sometimes the pain
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    Diagnosis. — It is a benign tumor of slow growth. It is generally
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    occur most frequently in temperate climates are the quotidian and the
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    aneurism where cures were effected and have persisted for over two years.
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    the urine dribbles away, while a large amount of urine still remains
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    microscopical appearance of pus is suflBcicnt to determine its presence ; for
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    becomes more or less tough and resistant. In extreme cases the kidney
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    always lead to p2rforationand discharge of the contents of the stomach into
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    granular appearance. Sometimes the capsule is so thickened and con-
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    nnchanged. At first the pulse is strong and forcible ; later it becomes
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    Pancreatitis. — A sudden, acute, hemorrhagic inflammation of the
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    milk or sugar, and as hot as it can be swallowed ; it should always be
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    Especially is this true if there is considerable blood lost. Convulsions
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    cases no membrane exists ; the bronchial membrane is pale and congested.
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    Involved ; when the mucous and sub-mucous tissue is involved, the mem-
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    Symptoms. — In a few instances of perityphlitis, especially those super-
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    which is characteristic of the renal complication. There is loss of api)e-
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    dilatation. Large and small gurgles are often heard.
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    Treatment. — A. First, rest until fibrous and bony union has oc-
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    Treatment. — A suprapubic cystotomy should be done and the tumor
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    tannin, gallic acid, acetate of lead, spirits of turpentine, persulphate of
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    forearm, a line drawn from the inner condyle to the pisiform bone, will
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    who have borne children, or from injury producing rupture of the linea
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    during the administration of anesthetics, the first and most important
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    lows in sequence other symptoms, so that likely, as our bacteriological
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    When the eruption has appeared, the measures to be employed will vary
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    scribed myocarditis may be recovered from. The present state of our clin-
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    of the relapse, and all of these explanations as to the cause in any case are
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    tarrh are infancy and old age, indulgence in enervating habits, or debility
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    granulation tissue cells to mature. It further hastens the resorption
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    as a fulcrum, as the head of the bone is drawn into position.
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