loss of the functions of the ovaries and testicles. It would be tempting
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humerus — at six years, and had 4 fractures by the age of ten years.
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tique," Tli^se de Paris, 1896) devotes his thesis to this subject, which he
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visit to the doctor was a routine practice of every
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results in cases in which ointments or pastes are not well borne.
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age; admitted to the hospital June 17, 1908. Maternal
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rare, as Alexander could find none in the stools of
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which strength dose he has been getting every seven days
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shown by the sections cut at different levels. L'n-
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lotion referred to is made with powdered talc and starch, of each 100
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At the beginning of the period referred to (1876) evacuation of the axillary
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6. The Influence upon Vision of the Increasing Yellow
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the stage of decline when it was noticed that she had irregular evening rise
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oEcd, correspondini> to an annual death rate in a thou-
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Bulletin No. 38. Washington : Government Printing Of-
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flow passes outside the catheter and washes the ure-
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The position of tlie fragments as seen when exposed, the patient being in the recumbent
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office with the statement that she was tired of doctoring
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ach has ever been credited with being able to hatch
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cases of cystitis associated with the presence of a
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entrance by the nose and throat, attention is called to the occasional inju-
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often had in the development of science. In putting to the test of actual
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care of the patient and all the known conditions ap-
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ploying irrigation, however, because I could see no
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habits of our ancestors are invited to recall the cir-
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from some persons suffering from other diseases. These experiments,
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operation. It dropped to normal the next day and remained normal.
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the tube for some time the patient was able to pass it into the stomach. It
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action have steadily improved under specific treat-
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of doubt no chances of reaction are ever taken, and
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transmissible diseases were reported to the Department of
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in part, is then set up. The actual excursion of the
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m regard to cough, fever, hoarseness, night sweats, loss
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He is also Inclined to attribute great Importance to the immediate Influ-
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stones, and in some cases only division of the foreign body will reveal its
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sight to be somewhat neglected. As we examine them more critically,
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8. Quantitative Estimation of Antibodies in the Wasser-
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vein, the sensitiveness in this region being due to the changes in the lymph-
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Salicylic-acid plasters, from 2 to 5 per cent, strength, often prove valu-
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by continuous suture. The septa separating the calices from the pelvis
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Case I. Miss C. ; age thirty-one, single, housekeeper,
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three years and a half after operation, one a year and a half after, while two
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ing their walls. The muscular coats everywhere showed
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posited there as neutral fat. In pregnancy there is