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    advocate with him its use in all gunshot-wounds ; but as to the use of

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    also shown, which proved the tissue to be true bone.

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    perhaps, and subject to all the liabilities of error of judgment which any

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    An arrangement, however, has been decided on, by which the transmis-

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    and these defects vi'ere quickly remedied by opening great windows.

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    This sum of twenty-two pounds is exclusive of the fee of two pounds paid fo the

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    Association and of the I*oor-law Medical Officers' Association met at

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    from among the most diligent students.^A Resident Obstetric Assist-

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    orders of the nervous system; atonic dyspepsia; debility produced by

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    oracT Co)ii/>os[tiP. 4. Define <r.i-t7j«wit' and <'«rt'<:7.r/«(7jc, and explain the circulation

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    I A. M. The lectures during the present term will deal with the Phy-

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    thereafter, prepare and print, under the direction of the Executive Com-

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    sions shall have been passed at a recognised Medical School or Schools,

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    Dr. Mo.xON also exhibited a case of Gastritis occurring in a man who

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    the highest importance. If they have not determined the fate of armies

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    it. The author urges the necessity of action while the subject is fresh

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    ren put out by means of the petits bureaux is nearly 48 per cent. Now, statistics

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    councils, will soon produce most favourable results in tlie interest of the

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    annum. Resident pupils, ^100 for the first year; ^60 for each subse-

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    Mr. Cawley, M.P., said that whatever the cost might be an efficient

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    Museum of the Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Shrewsbury-,

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    has proved poisonous. In the majority of investigated instances, there

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    ficult, that while in every science it is more easy to think than to ob-

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    his testimony to what could be done without drink. Alcoholic pre-

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    through, so that the usefulness of the hand is seriously limited, the fingers

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    eases have been condemned as incurable. The quacks who are most

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    music were played by an excellent band under the leadership of Mr.

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    property of " adaptivity" as coiTelative with chemical affinity, and the

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    Your Committee, feeling that by acceding to this arrangenient, so

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    granular renal epithelium and nuclei. The patient was evidently suf-

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    which will go to convince the people of the town that there is a deter-

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    when people could not help themselves and suffered from no fault of

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    gan spoke of the zeal and devotion with which the Irish surgeon dis-

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    Leeds; Dr. H. Quincke, BerHn ;' Mr. J. W. Hulke, London; Dr. Ritchie, Edln-