We fliall begin our examination with the making of acids.
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No. 3. KiNG(D.) Cholera infantum, its causes and treat-
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caused by an analogous eruption in the stomach. Anti-
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views of all. On this head, our countryman, Professor
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TABLE 9. — Carbon Dioxid Tension in Alveolar Air and in Venous Blood
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one of the central problems of biochemistry. It may be stated
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The author tells us in the preface that the hospital with
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mineral waters, and similar articles are constantly exposed to temptation,
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npon the perinssum than above the symphysis. In most cases of acute
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K. Mason Howard, MD, reported on recent developments in malpractice
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of the vesicular type, often measuring 14 fi. This difference in the size of the
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During the partial remission that may be expected every day, the
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weather, in small and ill-built dwellings of the poor, and most of
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William Jenner, in his Presidential Address to the Clinical Society, stated
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winch take place in a dead body before the access of or during putrefaction,
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such an inquiry, and promised to do all they could to
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fulness to nature of these plates is vouched for by the
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of the buccopharyngeal mucosa, of the larynx, nasal fossae, tonsils,
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site during the latent period is unknown, although many
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vorite food is some one of the forms of grain, and so these worms
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aided very much by adding a diastase. This the author pre-
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" Second, day. Shining specks in the urine, and commencing film on the sur-
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maturity to be used for "dimension lumber" such as 2 x
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the disease when in the lesser curvature, existing along with
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tiis. 1.502, ff. 135-266. Also, in: . The same. fol.
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with great quantities of clothing, or bedding. Flannel or
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sight being wanting) ; it grew worse ; then the. left eye
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From all accounts the creosote seems to be a potent, and consequently,
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sufferings became so insupportable that the instinct of life
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4. Potassium ferrocyanid solution: 10 : 100 water or tincture of cochineal. The
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returned from this country, and was favorably disposed
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than that caused by muscular exercise, in the latter instance the
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