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followed by rapid trophic changes, and even sloughing. Senile neuritis
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otherwise, they multiply until a local infectious area is produced. Being
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exposure to cold and injury, and the various diseases in which pleurisy is
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This writer states, that "some physiologists have attempted to
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sooner conveyed by the constant intercourse, between the two places,
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destroyed, and the mucous membrane may be detached in shreds or
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withstanding a distinct elevation of temperature. At first the pulse may
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general tuberculosis the cerebral symptoms may predominate over the
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not breathe the hot air, is probably the safest and most efficient diapho-
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be given, in order to secure elimination of the mercury as well as to
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ETIOLOGY. Compression myelitis may be produced by any form of
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Before passing the sound or tube it is important to eliminate the possi-
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Cardiac weakness in the advanced stages of pericarditis must be met
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cation in infectious diseases, as diphtheria and scarlet fever, should be
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we would recommend ferri et ammonii citras, iron and ammonium citrate,
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was sixteen and six-tenths per cent. Of sixty-six cases treated by
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plagues composed of thickened lamellae analogous to those constituting
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was alleged in the early days of this operation. With those who
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The Hjjlint was applied on the 18th instant, and witli the eflect of
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Apoplectic seizures and epileptic attacks are common, and may end
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without excess of uric acid, the "lithaemic" symptoms in such cases
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invariably dies. If acute peritonitis occurs in a person suffering from
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one preparation of iron disturbs the stomach less than does another.
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agents impair the power of the blood to absorb oxygen or excrete
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surface of the body shows that the accumulated carbonic acid has been in
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of minutes, and the severest attacks may last for days. As the breathing
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which Friedreich affirms to be characteristic of the disease and never to
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hemorrhages may be observed, and superficial erosions are to be seen,
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stomach. In simple atony there may be temporary enlargement of the
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of the cases. It is usually felt in the course of the large intestine, espe-
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to have some striking proofs. A few weeks since Prof Hamilton
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of using. There was only one precaution to be attended to in em-
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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. Neuromata may be latent ; usually, however,
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The cough is at first slight and dry, but becomes paroxysmal and forcible
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and business which the fear of publicity or of physical injury during the
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ETIOLOGY. Air enters the pleural cavity in consequence of perfora-