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Sir John Banks, K.C.B., Sir W. Stokes, Sir Philip Smyly. Sir

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Clinical Society of London, 8..'?o p.m.— Mr. Mayo Robson : A Case of

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CiTTLE.iOHN, J. B.. M.B-Glasg., appointedl Medical Officer for the Munslow

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Bbaithwaite Ketrospect. Vols. 1, 2, :i, 8.% and all since.

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ulcer of the mucous membrane which has so far extended in

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to suggest Sulphate of lead is not " white lead " as the term is under-

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In the Glanford Brigg rural district the epidemic of 1.S92-93 comprised

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! Watson, University College; R W. Jameson, St. Bartholomew's

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McLaughlin (J. W.). Fermentation, Infection, and Immunity. Pp.210.

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4. Granted 64 deaths among vaccinated persons at the rate

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thorpe, Neild, Sliields, Henry, MoUoy, and M'Adam. The

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Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel R. P. Fersuson, transferred to the Bengal

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little boy, and as such should be punished. The meeting,

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The case was treated accordingly, with tlie result that within six months

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the Parkes Museum ; and the Central London Sick Asylum,

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Aphasie uud Seelenblindheit. Von Dr. H. Sachs. Breslau : Preuss and