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(5) When the sphincters are closed the pecten forms the
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of caries in the upper part {the attic) of the drum- cavity. 44 times granula-
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whose dues remain unpaid after September 1 of any year. The
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but the writer punctured a supposed traumatic exudation in five cases, two of
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general anaesthetic upon the heart of an advanced case of toxic goitre.
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of Hydrocyanic and Acetic Acids, Creosote, Sulphur and Car-
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being observed in four cases. The best result amounted to hearing a whisper
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prove to be a segment of the intestine which through hyper-
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Tuttle [American Journal of Obstetrics, January, 1890) reports a case of
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of a disease which he could liken only to an endemic of influenza, and which
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every four hours. The case, apparently doing well, was not seen for
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Buffalo, Kew York; Member of the Congress of German Surgeons; Fel-
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pied the whole of the centre ; some slight inflammatory action was set up
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to morphinism. In the majority of cases the idea that an alcoholic
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e. The diagnosis can usually be made exactly, if the examina-
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(2) The dermal plexus, composed of large and small gang-
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is difficult not to recognize the action of quinine upon the uterine mus-
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cooked four hours served with milk or formula and no sugar
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ing her daughter in an outlying district of Brooklyn and while there was
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could answer questions only upon being shaken severely. Answers
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now seen is due to the more speedy relief of pain and the fall of temperature
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conditions which produce sleeplessness, basing his statements upon a
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and South American countries is of the utmost importance to
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In March, 1895, Dr. Robert T. Morris, of New York City,
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ucts, either alone or in relation to the amount excreted, which
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great that the vulva was converted into a raw slit of tough tissue, the
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that even the most refractory cases are curable if one unvarying
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seems absolutely necessary. In the nature of things it must act
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Dor [Rev. de Med., February, 1890) terminates an exhaustive article on
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that I can put an end to it in a few hours' time by means of sali-
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