incisions are carried from the lower end of the median incision

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There occurred during this day slight shooting pain in the fore*

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chiefly with salines ; either the nitrate of potash largely

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Cross, and this House stands on record as approving

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In acute cases the right heart is always dilated, and is

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verted into " granulation tissue." This change first takes place along the

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sion of disorganized blood), presents a marked likeness to some cases of Typhus, and goes

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If only one side of the spinal cord was cut through, only one cheek was capable of

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much relieved, 152 ; relieved, 279 ; not relieved, 77 ; not treated, 138 ;

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to in his communication to you, and which he has permitted

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the remarkable appearances of the fundus of the eye, which

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As regards the preface, I should like to take hold of the subject in a

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Eisolsherg and others adopted tliis latter method for a time.

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percussion, oppressed breathing, venous pulse, patient statant, little fever

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that is, whether the bowels be constipated or not. If this condition

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treatment after those designed to promote absorption have been sufficiently

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animals, as well as trees and rivers. At the time of the

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followed the antibody changes following intravenous vaccine therapy.

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3 dayr* . . " And then the next procedure didn't seem

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one case tlireatened to prove fatal. No diphtheria bacilli

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ten days of acute clinical symptoms. At first few in

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by getting comfortably warm again. The diagnosis should

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by and large, committed to something like the Victorian

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resulting from the application of anhydrous chloral

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mind that olfaction is the function of the upper nasal

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Palatable, and often useful as many kinds of fruit are

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ed ; at first the sonorous and sibilant, rales are heard, and the moist rale which ensues

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therefore any known, or suspected case of extra-uterine preg-

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recommend such of the other papers submitted, as it may see fit for

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succeeding generations who found out that the vaunted

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glycerin preparations of vaccine virus on the market are,

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coveries, lu one case it became necessary to re-estab-

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large intestine were some cicatricial areas in the mu-

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Medical School, etc. The Year Book Publishers, 100 State Street,

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kidney, dependent on a pyonephrosis, may be present, and sometimes it

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corresponding surface on the underneath side or base.

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pounded in the dispensary drug stores. The reports of