hundred and fifty percussions were made in the second.
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pletely or totally; or it may be complicated, and in the lat-
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Calcification is not so frequent as in the tube, but otherwise the disease
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all cases in which complete section has not taken place, pro-
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( 3 j.-ij. to 3 vj.), in doses of a tablespoonful four or more
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3. — At the meeting of the Academii^ de Medecine, held
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gination be performed (as in Gerdy's plan), and ad-
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these points was given a very practical lesson learned
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treatment is terminated. .\s to complications attending
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Mount Royal and Guilford Avenue. Baltimore, Maryland 21202.
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place in the lymphoid tissue of the glands and spleen, in onh a part
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never allow herself to feel for a moment that she was sick.
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of other compounds also suggests that fetal developmental
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Eastern Kansas Medical Society. — The Eastern Kan-
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Aluminum hydroxide gel greatly reduces intestinal absorption of propranolol
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is made through the skin between the dead and living
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shooting and darting in character, now here and now there.
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the temperature, should be promptly resorted to. The number
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I^laced by a ball of wadding, or better by a powder-
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spread outward in the direction of the lymph streams. Histolog-
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the capital operation alone could save it. In cases of simple growth, this effect
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{Giorn. Ital. delle Mai. e Ven. ddla\Pelle, June 18S2.)
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appeared to the general public that this institution,
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Owing to a chronic symmetrical inflammation of the matrix and nail-
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derived from an artificially infected bird. It makes the thirtieth
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was employed to press upon the thumb or finger, the weight
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References to other cases may be found in the papers already quoted.
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before, the vesications may be broken up into vesicles, or become more