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the English navy, from affections of the res|)iratory organs, including consump-
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base of the pustule in size and shape, shallow, with a
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On examination I found, while sensation was perfect, and motion no way im-
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follow the eyeball when the latter is directed downwards ;
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which might have obtained. I say, " it was thought fair to
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operation in military over and above those which hold
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local around the point of injection or general. The
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foot, but it is worthy of remark, that it very rarely attacks both
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entire interstitial wall, but will occur when the mucous
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pass. Other things being equal, the efliciency of an invertebrate as
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occupies the anterior mediastinum, projected into the cavity of the serous sac.
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Also, in; Zodiacus med.-gall. 1680, Geneva, 1682, ii, 161-
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11. Idem. Ann. d'electrohiol. etc. Paris, 1898, i. p. 605. — 12. Feinberg. Zeitschrift
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Gaines, J. H., Surgeon. Detached from hospital, Hot
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British surgeon, 631; the Clinical Congress of Sur-
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thickened, and often tortuous, on account of the arteriosclerosis. The systolic
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fant or the fatherland ; but there can be no question as to
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and bowels empty. If the patient is well relaxed and the womb freely
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found most often in the intestinal tract of mammals,
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regular feeding, and the monotony of institution life. Insomnia
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The walls of the uterus too are symmetrically thickened. Of greater
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to the pope, Alexander VI., may serve to throw some light
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will find all departments of medical science cultivated with an earnest
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The character of the tongue varies. In some cases this organ re-
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Wassermann Reaction, the diagnostic signiflcance of
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in the previous fortnight. SmaU-pox is increasing rapidly
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became, if possible, worse. After four weeks' treatment, iodine was
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comparatively empty than when they are markedly full. Such imperfect filling of
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satisfy physician and friends until one day during the faradic
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surgery takes the more conservative position that, al-
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on this sport of dead pulls, that many valuable teams of
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the formation of a lateral anastomosis between the proximal