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in function, some defect in the system of movements and functions. The

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profound. Apoplexy is associated with more or less paralysis of a

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entirely the abdominal cavity ; the gall-bladder was within an inch of

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The roentgen ray is at times of value in determining the extent of the

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cases precisely the same: and if they differ in any one patticular, we

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or to correspond with the writers thereof, unless such are

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appetite, inability to sleep well, febrile urine, face red and shiny,

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" None can read the work of the Sanitar3r Commission with-

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search, and preventive health services. It utilizes

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in the royal army, and after the Bestoration returned to England in 1682,

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virus is abundant, and accessible with so much facility, we would suggest

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(unheated) tubes gave growth. Cover-glass preparations were made from the

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resembles closely benign adenoma, at times a distinctly malignant picture

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of which lie in the same latitude; nor in Arabia, to which

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IT IS AN EXCELLENT and very effective means of conveying to

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among the real diseases in his reports, I found a very long list of

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*> MiY\KE . • Jlitth. a. d. GrenzgeUeten d. Med. u. CJiir.,

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1887 Tuountox, Joiix Kxowsley, M.B., CM., Hildershani Hall, Cambridge.

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hemorrhage followed by another early that morning, but was

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schau, 1898, xii, 203.— Racelli (G.) L' opoterapia. Eiv.

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the idea of a local cross origin and decussation of the spinal nerves.

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