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micturition are complained of. This is followed by another uremic
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collected several cases occurring under twelve years of age. The disease
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claim, that the sodium phosphate is for the greater part excreted by the
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certain drugs (as mercury), eruption of teeth, and bad feeding, par-
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sudden occlusion of a branch of the coronary artery ; but it should be
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lation of the muscles. As a rule this should not be commenced until the
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tense. This condition merges insensibly into acute sjylenitis.
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hyaline casts in the urine, arterio- sclerosis, and cardiac hypertrophy.
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brilliant and changeable eyes, an emotional disposition, and unstable men-
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Student of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris and of the London School
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be tried at first. Rarely, hot applications (hot cloths or siiiapism.s) give
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and the discrimination cannot always be accomplished to a certainty.
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ary, contracted kidney, which lasts from one and a half to three or
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exophthalmic f/oiter, but it is then, as in the case of a simple acute goiter,
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In chemistry it is hoped that Allan Winter Rowe, Sc.B., M.D.,
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go about his customary duties during the attack with ill-defined rational
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pharyngeal, the tastes, sweet, bitter, sour, salt and alkaline.
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