springs -and streams when the ground-water is low, when an increased
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If the alcoholic stimulants fiiil, other cardiants must be administered
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heat production in the muscular layers is greatly enhanced, and
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blood-disks which contain pigmented parasites. Punctate hemorrhages
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to be given it. With lobular consolidation at different points in the
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pital and private records of the author. A careful perusal may serve
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^The well-tolerated substitute for the salicylates.
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scientific investigations of Roque, Weil, and A. Robin, on the effect of
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four years attending kindergarten was brought to me with a suspicious
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utes, it will really digest better than if you only sterilize it.
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of relaxation are good. Although the LSU coffee is bad, the
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from other tuberculous subjects, and it has long been supposed that
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large roomful of consumptives comparing notes, coughing
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nately, there are other places which furnish grapes for good
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out these precautions, and you run great risk of infecting
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being on the muscular and bony back, the blood is not driven to the
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viceable in cases in which the laryngeal or bronchial element is marked.
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not finally cleared up, and is still beset with difficulties ; but that the
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necessary for food and drink. Gluten really is not a single
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sisting of plain and easily digested food. At the end of three weeks a second
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edge, but it was usually looked upon as a fire to be quenched,
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made. The chief seat of tlic lesions may ])e for a long time in the cecum,
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baths, which sometimes give rise to faintness; hot-air baths, by induc-
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The spasmodic stage of whooping-cough has no set duration and
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safe. Mushrooms and toadstools (I use the word mushroom
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" drip sheet" as an excellent procedure in rest-cure cases, for promoting
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kinds, the sweet and the sour, of a yellow color tinged with
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tory System, more particularly Hypertrophy and Dilatation of the
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gluten, and that these are again separated when the loaf is reheated. In
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eration of the epithelium. Minute areas of necrosis have been observed
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|ieiident examinations the only alti'rnative i> continuous insp«\'-
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endeavored to inculcate would not now (twenty-eight years later) require
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"Widal himself observes that this reaction is not limited to the bacillus
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view is fully corroborated by my OAvn observations.
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per year. Italy uses the least, as her climate might indicate —
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through the heart, it follows that cardiac power must primarily be con-
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in a few hours, and everything looks clean. It is doubtless
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determined to try the Riess continuous (Hammock) bath for its antithermic
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What shall I say of the chronic cases ? Well, I don't know,
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Surely there is no medicinal agent which produces such changes
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it reduces the temperature of the abdominal canal for a considerable
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in its manifestations, so erratic and variable as to its course,
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Professor Jllrgensenf says: "I think that in severe forms of infec-
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ing ensue, all because the elimination of waste has been inter-
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