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    of pneumonia (Balfour) . But such doses are dangerous in heart dis-
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    injections they ceased and she began to gain in weight. The first injection was
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    may see beech, fir on sandy knolls, elm and oak in the loam or clay of
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    day. In other cases the amount of sodium bicarbonate necessary to
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    again in 1914, one dying of pellagra in November, 1914. These facts
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    blurred. Six days before he had suddenly become unable to talk and he had
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    Where the patient is not benefited by rest in bed, with regulation
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    It was quite mild, as she was four months pregnant. Her baby was born
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    idiopathic hypertrophy. The disturbance of compensation, which
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    the impulse of contraction was spreading properly through the ventricles only
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    that alcohol delays the absorption of phenol from the alimentary tract.
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    it may impair movements, e.g., of the tongue, and cause difficulty in
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    ently a deficient elimination and poor absorption of calcium from the
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    grins of this group with recurrence in 1911, no less than sixteen died,
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    a slight increase of pressure upon the artery brings down the dicrotic
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    can never be looked upon as a favorable sign, as it signifies arrest of
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    * Read before the American Neurological Society, May 10, 1916.
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    noted by Hippocrates, and locally the effects of Aveather and seasons
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    undergoing chromatolysis and pigmentary degeneration. Chromatolytic changes
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    Palpitation also occurs in organic disease of the cord, implicat-
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