chorea, and its value is attested by numerous eminent physicians. Of
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Also, in: Beitr. z. klin. Chir., Tiibing., 1892-3, ix,
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mula Hg (C.H B COO) 2 plus H 3 0. It belongs to what
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rare in England, Crocker reporting no cases among 10,000 seen in
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In some cases the average period is greater than 104 weeks. The best
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vagus, not because of any specific activity in the nerves themselves, but,
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culty. The first problem was to determine a group of symptoms leading
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The object of all the operations proposed is the same —
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next is the greater superficial petrosal nerve, which unites the ganglion
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tended with blood ; as though that organ presided over the body as the
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me. and ask your kindest consideration while I attempt to
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Miultlor. Tho Inrtt-iiainoil coiKlition and tlu' roHuItiiin vt'Hical ir-
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has arranged for side trips so that each and every member may have
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great sympathetic, its specific effect would certainly
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of dissipating entire trains of hysterical symptoms has
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less blood circulates through the brain and the spinal cord, and
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tend to spread to the arm and become general. Under such conditions
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are not as when food is administered for the purpose of repairing the
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are entirely obliterated). Absorption of the trabeculaB
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pathetic relation, to rest, perhaps for a whole year, during which time
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suddenly faint, and in less than half an hour passed gently away,
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frequently associated with progressive muscular atrophy, yet as a matter
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Bright's disease is greater than that in the acute form, yet the percentage
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fever. There may be attacks of an ai^parently grave nature, with
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Roy. Soc, Jul in. y 18611-70. Of the two great groups of
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cold lotions vrere applied to the part; purgatives, antimonials, confinement to
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