and before their ramoUisment, they all assume a similar appearance.

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arise spontaneonsly in the course of this disease, it ought not to be

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ing l)ag support. No. 571874; Nov. 24. 1896. . Punch-

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he states that tbe blindness or faint vision of epileptics is

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several persons in whom the power of adjustment was different in the two eyes,

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Leucocythfemia. See Anaemia — Anaemia, Pernicious

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otomy performed, stiinuhition applied to the heart by alternat-

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peas. During the winter the staple vegetables were white potatoes,

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most part, with diseases communicated to man through

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Dr. Allen referred to clinical facts proving its con-

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found in healthy lung. This author considers tubercle in serous

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breathing which increased at times without any assignable

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the iron at a white heat, and winced not in the slightest degree during it, re-

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depends to a large extent on the success of anti-drug use

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among cattle was not properly the duty of the Secretary

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Bow-legs.— A. N. Semenoff* has used this method in numer-

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chest position, which will bring the site of the suprapubic

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inclusive, the prophylactic injections were employed in

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quantitively. Always ready for use ; can be carried in the

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a particular person or of a particular plant as well by recalling the visual

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as b often the case, slight involvement of the lymph-glands. Inspection of

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20 mg/kg were also associated with hepatic changes; however, these

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were published in this style, emphasizes the fact that the

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introduction to the student who may wish to extend his reading.

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without at all tearing down the sides of the envelop-

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These symptoms are always seen in mammals immediately after the

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injects it "beneath the skin. Its introduction is followed by the

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been somewhat diminished, and these less impressive appliances have

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(Program to be completed at the close of this session.)

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the present day, because every junior has an interest in pro-

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signs of increased pressure in the pleural cavity are either absent or very indis-

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