to it. But I am not lamenting the fruits of clinical and patho-
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human body, nor in the bodies of terrestrial animals : the same com-
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devote to his Practical Anatomy, attendance at which should be
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reasons for the operation ; and the variety of cases to
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lium must be either glandular, as in a retention cyst, or con-
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them, on two new varieties of Wounira, are the joint result of the re-
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must be kept until the necessary negative He suggests that exophthalmic goiter,
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cells, the nuclei of which are hardly stained. Gradually the necrosis pro-
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tinued in half doses every six hours for the next twenty-four hours.
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leave the table until bleeding has ceased. I have only been called back
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Ruediger found that streptolysin has the constitution of a toxin, but as
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tion is carried on on a very large scale by those water companies which
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the lungs, which usually ends in gangrene of the lungs ; ab-
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effort. The compressed air which penetrates the lungs
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Convulsive contraction of the heart, functional or structural diagnostic
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plasm remains behind and then divides into a variable number of
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than the chemical composition. The constituent parts of stony
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the Arkansas Department of Human Services. The Founda-
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The author's experience has led him to answer the first two queries in the
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sented me with this testimonial, in which they say — " We do not
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Riesman,^ who has had a considerable experience of their use, speaks strongly
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he had recorded really due to the operation, or had they hap-
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Dot. in dnp., Det. in 8plo. L. debtor in du'pio, let twice
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keeper, or other workers whose occupations are more or less
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carbolic 20 gr., hydrarg. perchlor. 1\ to 5 to 20 gr. ; the smallest
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also paralysis of those parts of the body controlled by that portion of
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sary to continue them for a longer time, day and night, before the
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diagnosis between intra- and extraperitoneal rupture of
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theories, but merely to state the present-day manner
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stomach were glued by lymph to the parietes, and in the abdo-
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Pfohl, Samuel F., Winston-Salem, (Hon.); Univ. of Pa., 1894... 1S98 1898
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have been pregnant, 156, or 96.5 per cent, were so. Of the remaining fifteen