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ably higher and would be more difficult to attain. This seems really

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of suture are carried through its free edge and then

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ichthyol can be employed. To arrest the spread I should

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1883 a. — Le parasite de I'impaludisme <Rev. scient., Par., v. 31, 3. s., v. 5 (4),

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per 100,000 strength per year. Other standard units of population

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utero, through a full course of smallpox, and is, at length, born with the pits

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to run their natural course, could be arrested by medical interference.

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Bohn, moreover, mentions certain things as predisposing condi-

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Origin; Operation; Death. — By George L. Riehanis.

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maldehydgehaltes der Luft. Hyg. Rundschau, Berl., 1899,

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peritonitis. — A summary of the prominent features

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extremities, Raynaud has described a form of dry symmetrical gangrene,

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general weakness of the system, the use of wine is imme-

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-eighteen hours after death, and the following is an abstract

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to be the cause of very profound diseased conditions, and their recogni-

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absent ; the mycelium tubes are straight, occasionally showing a

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patient, who may rebel against being confined or ^f^,

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in this disease. Neither do they often develop as a sequel to measles.

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sis disappeared ; pupils were contracted. Tinct. bella-

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of fullest furnishing and power are not brought always to head-

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separate pieces. The tube is likewise withdrawn. With

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that take place here ? The blood coagulates in the capillaries

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influence of one attack of syphilis has only been fully recognised since the

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In a paper published in the Nos. of this Journal for January and April,

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the most generally useful of all of the drugs which are

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