dissolved oxygen. In badly polluted streams so much of the dissolved

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classes — those which are frequent, short, and ineffectual, and those

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paid to success must not be mistaken for endorsement of our

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The Mode of Origin of Myopia.— Forster {Hid.) considers

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'- (1) Initial Medical History (1 1 February 1943 to

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ally low-spirited or hypochondriacal; palpitation worse when walking,

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stances. 6. Enteric juice converts starch 4 31 of cinchonine, 57.47 of quinine, 20.19

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equally involved. The kidney may be of normal size and show few or even

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Hospital, and 20 of these were strangers. " I, however," the

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me that the little food which she ate did not cause distress.

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4. Size. — The size of the minute bodies, fibres, or tubes, which are

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103. Hepatitis. — Uorae (Youatt); dog ('^yellows,'' Walsh,

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error is called the "Latent H," while the remainder is called the "Manifest

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to employ it in any case where it is possible to pass the sound into

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of observers, among whom may be mentioned H. J. Carter, who in 1862

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fact that it makes percentages easy to arrive at, and we believe it

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cytes. After two weeks without benzol there were 1720, with

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ever, is payment for medical care to patients. It is ur-

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The chapter devoted to Purulent Ophthalmia, mongst other

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Surg to ACofAir Staff A-4. 25 Aug 42, same sub. Both

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the large arteries, aortic and pulmonary, when compressed by

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danger in season to permit the institution of preventive meas-

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themselves with a sufficiency of warm clothing to be rendered

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straif, or whether it would be better to trust to the nurse

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had removed a PYLORIC TUMOUR. Miss P., aet. 44, dated her

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of Massachusetts, and since last summer a resident of

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for vesioo-vaginal fistula, and in ectopia vesicae. This form has a marked

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philosophy; the proud conception ;— sterling the knowledge of the play of