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violent muscular exercise begins on the xight side of the heart, and is
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Case 1. — A young man, about seventeen years old, had been
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yellow colour, bloodless and friable. The cells rapidly become fatty, but
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secondary hemorrhage; (2) there was no tissue destroyed or sacrificed; (3)
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Various forms of uterine ulceration have been described, such as
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affections, and is decidedly superior to it in the tolerance dis-
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and IV, but there had been no apparent multiplication of these bodies
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settled. I am sorry that I have not something definite to offer, but it
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especially in youngsters. Doctor Treffert offers some
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thirst become marked, the appetite keen, and glycosuria appears. In spite of
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History. — There is no reasonable doubt that the explanation of the fact that
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the microscope, morbid changes are seen in the anterior cornua, and also,
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backward from the posterior side of the tuber, and somewhat
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especially in prolapsus, and had found it an agent of
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drops of strong sulphuric acid. This is caused by the
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pulse became irregular, troublesome vomiting developed,
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dice that all local treatment is wrong, because they can never be sae
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Gailhard, Lettre au sujet de I'intoxication quinique et de I'infection palustre. Arch.
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and there, however, such as the statement on p. 29 that uterus didelphys
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latter renders it difficult to get the film on the cover-glass
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and lack of circulatory power occurring in hysterical women and men ; and
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Growth much less dense than in the last — mostly consisting of the
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teresting case, published by Mr. White in the 15th Number of
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Some of the predictions made by the Babylonian astrolo-
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very accurately some scene he has viewed in his life. You
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exceedingly slow course, and may break out again and again, not only
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* See, for example, Dr West's remarks in 1842 on fifty-six cases of hydrocephalus
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scription of the rising and falling of the jugular vein, by
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