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Fistula, Vesico-A'aginal, Wound of an Artery during Operation, 205

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Moreover, it is, we believe, by work along this line that we shall ulti-

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, day he was ijrouglit to St. Francis' Hospital by his

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raform-iu Medical instruction, for the recognition of woman's

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Pearson, F. R. S.), he concludes as follows: It would seem probable

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lar and subscapular arteries were secured and the muscles

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ration were to be performed, it would not then be for

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pened to stumble and fall. Immediately every man, except one,

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are frequently the cause of partial and incomplete union.

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abeyance. The first outpour of sweat must dilate the duct" just below

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logical enough for the thinking, liberal, and free spirit of Thomsonism;

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row passage. The chest is perfectly normal to percussion and auscul-

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in amount, of higher specific gravity, and to contain a smaller amount of

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It would be difficult lo find two persons who, being ino-

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students to furnish me with this material. I am quite

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which the functions of the spinal cord are temporarily dis-

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of time. Nothing abstracts more from the irregular violence of vascular

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tion of the bowels, 1— cnngcstion of the brain, 1 —inflammation of the brain, 2 — bronchitis, 2— clmlera

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the injurious effects of mercury, the greater are our means,

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that such injuries could not, by any probability, have been self-inflicted. The

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These biochemical findings are usually asymptomatic although worldwide experience indicates that anorexia, weakness,

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adding 1 c.c. of each to 5 c.c. of fresh milk in a t(\st-tube kept at about '.il ' in