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they should submit to an examination and local treat-
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vailing successively in the various seasons; the Roman Campagna
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appearances on dissection were analogous to those having a striking resem-
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happens for me, answered quite well." (Mrs. Carlyle, 1847.)
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In Incontinence of Urine, from excessive use of Soda.
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now 158. The increase of his girth has been especially marked in the last
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the force of gravity, and the final compensation for
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M. S., thirteen years of age, complained of inability to read or sew, and
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other parts who may desire to come. The fact that the
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some striking figures in support of anti- cholera and anti-
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been swallowed many minutes when he fell asleep, and his breath-
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ous, for it has given birth to an operation w T hich I believe to
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])arse, or after the menopause. None of the cases from the Maternity
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lence, upon the frozen ground. The membranes were ruptured at the
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were not harmless in all cases of Bright's disease. We have now
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Slight emotion causes such persons to become flushed
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treme cold having failed in that direction in many in-
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I find no mention of the use of methylene blue in the treatment of
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of extension, and flexion limited by stiffness which has per-
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treatment is terminated. .\s to complications attending
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present case we found four lesions of the nervous structure — 1st,
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cholera, as the poison. He first broached these ideas to Drs. Garrod
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pensative with health and comfort, and to withdraw the
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but complete fissure from disease is rarely if ever seen. M.
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don, England, DAVID W. FINLAY, M.D., F.R.CP., Aberdeen,
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value, those from other sources did not seem to him to
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^^ Keibel and Mall. Manual of Human Embryology, 1910-12, pp. 199
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occipital protuberance to the left there was a trephine opening about the
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