the abdomen, these sensations are much relieved. The countenance

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the peripheral venous system. The ultimate effects of the disturbance

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ditions, and although the toxin will kill guinea pigs, the organism

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escharotic effect, as in a case of suprapubic prostatectomy, where the

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one teaspoonful of a saturated aqueous solution potass, chloratis every

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B. If the nervous symptoms are slight, give one pill of

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these being difficult to maintain in proper position. No doubt great injury is at

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vised my patient to submit to ligation of the femoral artery at once, as the

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It is a moot question whether Petit's old view that under normal'circum-

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Owing to this, the abdominal veins become dilated, and those superficially

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ment which are to guide you in the management of a case

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suffering with severe pain in the right iliac fossa, on a line with the

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when, for a space of two months, he suffered from much pain

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The former is rare, and strongly resembles phlegmonos

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medical legislation of the past is that a man may be

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vice relating to legislation with the object of stamping

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osteoperiostitis, the walls appear irregular, but the ir-

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cause the perivesical inflammation has gradually be-

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mania left him lucid intervals, during which he composed six books,

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minded against the foe; not weighing the profit . . . but con-

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chronic form of the other, if, indeed, the occurrences were not

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meat also appears to produce the same effect. However, it may easily

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several months. (Compare p. 548.) This could also be the case with

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