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carbohydrate food intake. Hence, on a mean basis, the
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performed by Trousseau, was what is known as low tracheotoni}^
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of blowing air into one nostril from a gutta-percha bag, the other nostril
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lodges itself among the longitudinal and transverse
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retraction ring could be felt by abdominal pal|)ation, and the difficulty of thus
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Branch Office SYDNEY (N. S. W. ) 117, Pitt Street. Depots throughout Canada.
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Pull. A good amount of glandular tissue should be present in the
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of this kind is an evidence that there is something of value in all of
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Dalby, M.B. C;mtab., Ashby-de-la-Zouch, of St. George's Haspital; Charles
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Ruediger found that streptolysin has the constitution of a toxin, but as
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to knowledge may lie through its pages. One noticeable contrast
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walls dusted with iodoform, one large drainage-tube inserted into the cavity and another
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rent, general diseases — especially when accompanied by
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seborrhcea. The severe forms may be confounded with eczema, or with
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suspected. The same precaution should be taken in all doubtful
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that recoveries do take place, especially in young subjects,
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Dr. C. G. Jennings, of Detroit, also read a valuable paper
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nise too powerfully the dilating effort of the heart, and resist-
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colouration of skin. These 12 cases were all among those complicated with
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We see various symptoms of tuberculosis vanish on the removal of the
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occurring in the course of certain diseases ; it is, however, admitted
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33. Bouchard : Recherches nouvelles sur la pellagre, 1862.
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with 5,031, then follow Munich, 3,475 ; Leipzig, 2,928 ;
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hypochondrium; a cyst of the right lobe yields dulness extending upward
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tion of the wliole or part of the alimentary tract.
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Seven out of these twelve grafts had rapidly developed into
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I have since successfully treated one or two other nievi in the
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