eighteen months and ten years. In infants and young children the type
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The communicating artery dips down into the sole of the foot,
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His abilities were broad: he lectured extensively in the Department of
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the ill efiects which the want of fresh food occasions.
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The increasing importance of CME as a requirement for
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the source of the pus might be in the frontal sinus. Amongst these were noted
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which 8 were due to yellow fever, 2 to pernicious fever, and 7
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services, and the surgeon should send in a bill for his services. Each
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Iodine^ from its known effect upon some chronic glandular engorge-
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I'ceil. Bull. m6d. du nord, Lille, 1889, xxviii, 17-28.— Dej l
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would perhaps be more appropriate. It would at once suggest a
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offices of humanity to each other, which their unfortunate condi-
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DIANA L. McANINCH, Managing Editor JANICE ANDERSEN, Senior Copy Editor
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Pyosalpinx ( probabl.y tuberculous ) ; abdominal section;
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give off also, the pudic and small sciatic nerves, the
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the antrum expanded. Yet it must be borne in mind that the
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ventricle, which in consequence is longer in reaching the same
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Although Mr. Ludlow hesitates actually to identify the disease he
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freezing-point of the osmotic pressure has undergone a similar variation. We are
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body, looking down from great heights, blows on the head, and passing an
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him no more, and his accents are lost in the hush of a great
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favorable termination of chronic parenchymatous nephritis life may be
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day of the disease, but more probably the case was of foi;r or five days'
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ori^n of the affection can be drawn from this condition, as it oocors in
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or offensiiVe evacuations, castor-oil, with a few minims of the tincture of
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entirely consistent with the teachings and creed of
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been some two or three, and I am one of them, and so I
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is so well fitted to handle. Had he delivered, as he