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of cold liquid is often sufficient; in some cases a half tea-
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The part that he played in the political drama of the day would
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In a report by Kahn and Rosenbloom^ quantitative analyses of 25
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tion of the heart de novo, are found capable of renewing it in its
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exact seat of endocardial murmurs during life, as well as under-
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to be physically impotent. The organs are commonly so defective as to be
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mendation, and adopt or reject it on its own merits.
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thing that will hurt anyone. That is his plea for mercy, so
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be omitted from the British Pharmacopoeia. Probably,
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appearance, though in each field there are a few bacteria larger than
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The AspergilU are of less economic importance than the PeniciUia.
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traced. The infant was breast-fed for a year and at
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native product of which we know everything ; such as our own
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peritoneum was then pealed off by a blunt dissector, aided
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and four quarts of water, adding from time to time water
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matter; and malt liquors should not be taken before food
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and protruded considerably from the vulva. There happened to be in my
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patients in English public asylums, only 2491 — 10 percent.
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syphilis. The tuberculosis or the scrofula, or whatever
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filament. The views of our countrymen Marshall Hall, Todd,
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Fig. 1. — Kernig's sign, showing the strong contractii
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undergoing a proliferation at certain points, and in some of them an
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State of vaccination . . Vaccinated Unvaccinated Vaccinated Unvaccinated Vaccinated Unvaccinated
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superintendent of a fur manufactory, the confinement
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onary artery. The first occurred in a man of about 40
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was opened down to the sacrum. Pressure over the sacrum caused
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