nitrogen and a lowering of body weight to 9.956 kg. Roos showed
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study, the conditions are better known. These have shown the usual
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kinds the urine frequently shows a strong urobilin band.
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■ In some cases the distention of the bowels liecomes
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larly violent in the Sandwich Islands, in Japan and China, in India, Palestine,
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lowing case. June 1, 1850, he was called to a girl fifteen years of age, laliouring
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tion of the heart de novo, are found capable of renewing it in its
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oxide and nitrate of silver. For the strictly intermittent cases, occur-
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disease in question was due to the irritation of the nervous system
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and the succeeding annual meetings of the same body are cer-
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that the board is planning a modified version of the
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of new scenes. A sea-voyage in warm latitudes is generally useful, and if
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trace of effusion of blood or otlier lesion was at first discover-
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ever, fails in making out his case. The staiistics which
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any. length of time, and, according to my experience, it
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Stirnhiihle. Yerhandl. d. deutsch. Gesellsch. f. Chir.,
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years, eleven cases ; between thirty and forty years, five cases ; between forty
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I have always observed that a sweat produced by opiate
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certainly support a nontreatment approach to all children
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in formation, for the number of dead leucocytes must
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cup of milk containing a tablespoonful of limewater. — Ex.
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placed in an exalted position. He was born in South Hadley,
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These last two cases I consider as specially valuable,
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tic. But Berlin has the bad preeminence, according to Lombard,* of
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description, they pursued a course somewhat like my case.
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the ward be in a proper condition ; and if zealous, he perhap»
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few hours, or even to as short a period as half an hour, from the time of
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Department of Charities and Correction to remove Dr.
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centres, most rapid in their progressive development and
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nance and bearing, teem with both grace and guilelessness. Her hair is