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follow, showed itself immediately after the reception of the bite and persisted.
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valuable results from its hypnotic action in fever, and had found
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with potassium hydrate or glacial acetic acid in methyl alcohol
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lution of potassium iodide, which is injected into the
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premenstrual week, invariably severe mental depression.
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one or two convolutions ; they are sometimes thick enough to form a tumour.
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the existence of certain local conditions, or of a predisposition in
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''spontaneous absorption of cataract " were examined with
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boyhood upwards he has been delicate and subject to colds, and has not
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crime and sentenced to confinement in the carried on, more or less, at all the hos-
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The same physical caase that occasions rigidity, when acting less in-
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tions and pus, Seidlitz Salts are of especial value. The alkaline
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recovery. On a subsequent examination his tongue pointed
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together in cortex or medulla, the former being the favorite seat; the
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that the periosteum does not possess the property of reproducing
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never entirely regained his former health: his memory
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vitality so prominent a symptom, that the appearance is presented of
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Montreal; J. Alex. Hutchison, Montreal; J. Bray, Chatham; A.
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patient should bear a high dose of electricity internal orifice for further action, will oe-
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Certain physical deformities result from this habit, ag-
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indurated. He left the hospital after nine weeks, the wound being
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ployed a saturated solution of methyl-violet in the treat-
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the more elementary faculties (such as the conception of
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intricate labyrinth of nerve-fibres throughout this
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during the day, and the temperature went to 104°. An
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fall she had an attack of diphtheria, and sonio months later
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wcU, and lying wait Uke beasts of prey for spoony modem Jack
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whicli compulsion priests and lawyers were excluded.
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Prognosis: If patient recovers from first attack, will prob-
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case of seventeen years' standing, and the intestine