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sufficient care was given to it. The necessary exclusion from school

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would not be labelled as poisonous. Brown-S^quard's

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as is usual, during the progress of stomach-digestion, the aciditj r is pro-

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It has been contended that the only absolutely convincing proof of

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roid — Appendicitis — Copper; Uterine Disorders.

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Parkes, Dr. E. A., Dr. Hassall's work on the urine, 523 ;

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localized nervous impairment occur, in particular the

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could be supplied, life might be prolonged. On the 10th, Dr. Drinkard

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of carbonic acid, hydrogen, sulphuretted hydrogen, and carburetted

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sides of the tube, but very little through it. The tube proving

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thor prescribes constitutional as well as local treatment.

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A vaginal examination revealed a large, soft, boggy uterus

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dently with the general drop in the number of the leukocytes, is

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* Berlin: klin. Wochenschr., 1881, vol. xviii, p. 75.

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Hemoptysis is a kind of expectoration the expectoration of

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Jenner prescribed five grain doses of iodide of potassium,

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Antitoxin Treatment in Private Practice was read. Over

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liave generally good appetites. Besides, sically. AVhen restored to society,

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of the operation is a serious (often a capillary) bronchitis. This

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only are palpable, the disease may be thought to be ovarian cystadenomas

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help. The patients he solicits for treatments "by mail

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solution of iodoform. This has resulted favorablj- in a num-

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on the gravity of the affection, on the anatomical process which charac-

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astigmatism, and that under proper hygienic treatment they

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in the main rather negative than positive ; that is to say,

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