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having made alarming progress, and now presenting the characteristics of ma-

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parasite, in which the 1 6 to 20 small, round, bluish bodies, with chromatin dots, are

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In woods and hills and flowers, and the air of heaven, she no longer takes

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Moles are dark spots of discolored skin, which vary considerably

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others happy if we only would try and we would be so much

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ceeding from the root of the lung toward the periphery divide dichot-

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The physician, then, in the conscientious discharge of

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I did not see Mr J. again until October 8th, 1889, when I found

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found that the cause of the sudden death was due to a small

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case of atropby of a portion of tbe face. I'roc. 51. Soc.

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and makes allusion to three others he has been told of.

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presented the appearance of finely divided particles of

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ox st as to Sie strict meaning of the word noxious:-**! will allow that the

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observed when a large dose of opium has been taken ; and it may then be.*

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is claimed, produces nerve degenerations similar to

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On motion of Dr. Thicnhaus, a committee consisting of Drs. Thienhaus,

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rate action is desired, as, for instance, in mechanical dysmenor-

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noticed twenty hours after the application. M. Robin finds that the tears and

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twice as efficacious as those hitherto pursued on the

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But, even if the tendency of many of the cases is to recover, it is logical

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the action of strychnia not neutralize that of chloral, but on the

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only are palpable, the disease may be thought to be ovarian cystadenomas

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an eminent judge. We welcome him for his own sake and as a

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ral, a cut made longitudinally either in the containing

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Squire stated that, in several plague-stricken animals

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encircle it in various directions. Each corpuscle almost fills a pa-

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mouth. He regretted much that Dr. Mackenzie was not present. He had in-

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