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    pyramidal tracts. Correlatively with this discovery, hys-
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    Compression is either direct or indirect; that is, in the wound or
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    were secondary to severe attacks of influenza. By using the same
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    in a wineglassful of water, a teaspoonful to be administered
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    the unaided eye, but, thanks to the microscope and the
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    to the surface. We may introduce it into warm poultices, which should
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    ing becomes easier, &c This is so far true, but is not diagnostic,
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    Yae90 Yaes, R.J., "The biological effect of inhomogeneous dose distributions in
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    are seen close together, while on inspiration they go apart, and the glottis
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    quent here in hnt weather. I saw it the other day in a decoction of althea
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    chased of the Treasurer or the Committee of Arrangements before
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    light baths of the greatest benefit. When associated with
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    later, it was blown from the nose ; we saw it a few moments
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    M.D.. Professor of Physical Diagnosis in the Northwest-
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    Tuberculous patients should have their own drinking
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    In the eighteenth and the early part of the nineteenth centuries
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    cardiac dulness to the left, an undulating movement of the
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    the mononuclear leucocytes as usual. Mesnil has observed in some cases
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    thus explained and thus easily removed. Dr. Harley enters at
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    the fortunate outcome of six of the operated cases excuses
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    things he finds, that it is more soluble in hot than cold water ;
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    duced into regular practice by Dr. Cutler, of Massa-
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    is equally potent and irritating, has latterly
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    We bear them no ill-will, but wish them all the good they deserve.
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    Mass. ; C. Gushing, San Francisco, Cal. ; Norman W.
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