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of tan," are dependent upon the stimulus of light energy.
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until they decide to give up treatment and go home.
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will fully correct milder forms of curvature. For those of
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will apply to all cases. In our prescriptions we should be guided by the
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'' Lupus Vulgaris following Exposure to Tuberculous
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The apex is two nngers to the left of the mammary line, no
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Failure of Compensation in Heart Disease," Dr. Millard Lang-
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ture, it distributes its blood to all parts with a force and in a
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and professional nurses who came to us from outside
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cardiac failure associated with valvular disease, or chronic nephritis,
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(common); in pulmonary emphysema, fibroid phthisis, and chronic adhesive
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heart, and when this influence is removed the pulse becomes enormously!
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The emotional excitement was allayed. By the morphia
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culous meningitis of the convexity, in which case there is not usually any
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Atropia dilates the pupil, eserine does exactly the op-
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ings, pressure was made to force out the remainder of the pus.
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Guinea, by C. G. Seligmann ; Infective Sarcomas in Dogs, G. Bel-
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culty, the life of the patient being daily threatened by the
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typhoid fever. Dysentery is another source of myelitis. Its devel-
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geration of the very practices which originated his
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women who have been attacked by puerperal fever, may sometimes be the sub-
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subsequent ills castration has entailed upon our patients.
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addition during the period required to complete the human frame.
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